Our Mission

The mission of the Nez Perce County Republican Party is to win elections.


To accomplish our mission, we have defined these primary goals:

  • Increase Republican voter registration
  • Get out the Vote
  • Identify and Support electable, viable, and responsible candidates
  • Elect Republicans to the state Senate and state Legislative positions
  • Fill all precinct positions and provide precinct training
  • Raise funds to ensure an effective Republican Central Committee
  • Develop and maintain a Republican Headquarters and Resource Center
  • Develop Public Education and Out-Reach goals and objectives
  • Promote Party unity and strength
  • Build a computerized mailing list for fundraisers and newsletters

Our accomplishments have been swift. To date, we have:

  • Registered hundreds of new Republicans
  • Identified, recruited, and helped to elect “farm team” candidates
  • Provided candidate training seminars
  • Established a Republican Headquarters & Resource Center
  • Identified a Volunteer Coordinator
  • Coordinated events featuring local, state and national leaders
  • Used the internet and other technology to communicate our message

Why not join us?